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i really enjoyed the game. i just dont know why at the last part with bootleg pac man i got black and white 

very good game and i enjoy a lot 

wont download through the program

This game is such a great idea! I love the unique streamer mechanic, being able to to "chat" with the viewers and have them help is so neat! I did get annoyed about halfway through trying to read the notes whilst being chased but I got there in the end :'D A really awesome game, well done! :) Game play is below if interested :)


Glad you liked it! I agree about the notes lol, I should probably have tested that a bit more... Nice video!

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this looks like a really fun game and i really want to play it but i've got this big problem where resolution is so bad i can't even see chat

my current screen resolution is 1440 x 900, is there any way to fix it ?

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ok quick reply to say i found a fix, you can just hit Alt + Enter to play in windowed mode, sure it ruins the ambiance a bit but it's better then nothing

Edit : it fixes nothing you still can't see the chat

This is a repost due to an issue with the last video I did.  The game was unique and quite different from most horror games i've played great job! 

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Had a blast with this! The chat seems to think you're a jerk no matter what you type in, but that's pretty much on par to be fair.

 Great job Fredrik, looking forward to seeing where this goes! 

Very unique approach to a horror game. I had fun playing it. Couple good jumpscares. Overall I found some place are a wee bit too dark, mostly the fusebox room. The chat box was fun idea, but hard to read at times.

Just looking at the pictures makes me feel dead

Gave it a go! Fun times

I really loved this concept, my only issue was I had problems with my screen resolution so I could barely see the chat. Any advice on how to fix this? But other than this, I really enjoyed the game.

Sorry about that, the game isn't properly optimized for different screen resolutions. To be honest it was never intended to be anything other than a cute little prototype, but it kind of grew out of hand. Glad you found it interesting!

Great game but the ENDING!!! WHY! NO!

Un juego de terror muy interesante, el final fue un poco anticlimatico pero me gusto la idea y las interacciones del chat se vieron reales

I really enjoyed playing this game. Never seen anything like this before. 👏👏

Thanks for playing dude, glad you liked it!

hi, big thx for the great scary game. greetings from rosti 😁

Thanks for playing my dude!

works on 32 bits systems?

Very interesting game, I enjoyed it.

Thanks man! and cool video! heart rate monitor is a neat idea.

yo this is actually really cool! good job

Thank you man, that means a lot!

good creepy

Thanks for playing


ReStreamed is quite possibly one of the most unique indie horror games to come around in some time. I’m always thanking the indie scene for existing, and ReStreamed is a sterling example of why. Horror games often follow series of tropes we see over and over again. Not only does ReStreamed effectively scare you within the game itself using fresh ideas, it’s almost like a game within a game, thanks to its stream chat mechanic. Your chat isn’t just there to look cool, it’s necessary to progress.

Your chat is full of life and, as you make your way through the game, your viewers hold answers to many of ReStreamed’s gameplay riddles. But not all of the advice you get is genuine. Like a real stream chat, your viewers might accidentally (or intentionally) give you horrible advice... all while sifting through random chatter that has nothing to do with the game at all. This not only creates a living world, but also an increased sense of tension and terror at pivotal points in the game.

I don’t want to say anymore as not to spoil anything, but ReStreamed is a MUST-PLAY for horror fans! Play this: You won’t regret it. 


Thank you for the kind words, I'm really happy you liked it! Loved the video, very fun to see how you interacted with the chat, great stuff man! Keep it up.


Loved the chat mechanic! I streamed the game live and that was one hell of a meta experience. I eagerly await more creative games from the developer 💜


Thanks for playing! It was an awesome, nay epic stream!


Really loved the chat. Great game 


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it


Huge thumbs up! Really enjoyed the atmosphere, sounds and mechanics. The game spins an original twist on the streaming game format and integrates the chat well into the gameplay. 9.1 / 10
We created a video of our playthrough here:


Nicely done, I very much enjoyed watching your playthrough. Caught a couple bugs too. Thanks!

The bugs are creeping down my spine!